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Productos > White Chocolate

White Chocolate

This bar enhances its vanilla and milk notes.


Tabla nutrimental e ingredientesHistoria


Cacao paste

Cacao butter

Milk powder


Vanilla powder

Contains dairy

Manufactured in facilities that also process dairy, peanuts, nuts, cereals and their derivatives. Keep in a cool dry place. Do not expose to sunlight or humidity. Abrupt changes in temperature affect the product’s texture.

We purchase the cacao contained in this product directly from cacao farmers in the community of Cerro Blanco, in the region of Selva Zoque, at the foot of the mountains of the State of Tabasco. All the water from the mountains, after hydrating the jungle where this cacao grows, streams into the Puyacatengo River. The community of Cerro Blanco lives in the mountains. Farmers climb the mountains two to three times a week, travelling more than 10 kilometers up a steep path. During the harvest season, cacao farmers travel this path several times every single day. Most farmers are over 60 years of age, and keep in great physical form for these travels. They customarily drink pozol, a beverage made of cacao and corn, to upkeep their energy. During the harvest season, they hike up and down the mountains several times a day to where this cacao grows, and carry the beans on their backs after picking. These farmers have no more than 3 hectares of cacao plantations, forcing them to grow other products to sustain their families. We purchase this cacao at a higher price because we value this effort that has been slowly diminishing in Mexico due to its lack of recognition, decent income, and training to prevent diseases and plagues in the plantations. This chocolate directly benefits the community of Cerro Blanco. We hope you enjoy it and share our appreciation for all the effort and love enveloped in the production of this chocolate bar.